Press Release
September 26, 2021

The Cryptovoxels metaverse is moving beyond virtual beach parties and cookie cutter NFT galleries to a first of its kind artist residencies providing NFT artists the freedom to create an exhibition that is part installation, reality-tv and pushes the boundaries of where curation begins and ends in the metaverse.

Established NFT artists like Godcloud and Darkmythst are joined with award-winning artists like Ladybug Mecca, Shogun Shido and The Art Justice Cohort who are exhibiting their genesis drops through this unique incubator. This inaugural cohort not only creates new NFTs for the market but transforming artists into  curators with the design of their own story-driven experiences inside one of the ten virtual studio spaces. Inspired by the famous Brill building in NYC that housed the creative synergy of some of the greatest American songwriters of the mid 20th century, the residents aka The Shilla Bees are housed in a virtual 5 story Bee themed building called The Shilla Bee Hive.

During the residency artists periodically livestream aspects of their creative process where visitors are alerted via twitter and watch live from inside an artist’s studio in the hive. This meta-community of bees expands with a unique token voxel bee assigned to each artist studio and sold as Buddy Bees or patron tokens. Buddy Bees, the artists, visitor wearables and the New World Curator discord community complete the voxel bee population as they are found flying around from the ground floor to the roof. Buddy Bees support both resident and residency. NFTs, POAPS, Buddy Bees are all sold and transferred on the New World Curator marketplace on and Opensea.

Residency Mission
To provide space for artists to grow and stories to be told with NFTs and XR technology.

5 Weeks in the Metaverse

Over the course of the 5 weeks, artists create NFTs and the space in which they’re experienced. We do not build “nft galleries” commonly seen in the metaverse. We are New World Curators and use all the possibilities and limitations of the Metaverse 

    Residency Calendar

    The Residency is broken up into 5 weeks.

    Week 1: Learn Crypovoxels, artist sovereignty through owning their own smart contract, learn different aspects of storytelling and curatorial experiences. There will be additional NFT teach-ins offered throughout the residency by OGs in the NFT community.

    All learning and discussion happens on New World Curator Discord and within our Cryptovoxel Hive.

    Week 2 and 3: Residents start building out their studio, share their creative process via livestream. and create NFT art.

    Week 4 and 5:
    The entire Hive drops.  The work remains up for exhibition and sale alongside weekly rooftop events.

    Last day of the 5th week, we have a Hive closing party! Where the official Shilla Bee POAP Token featuring work voted on by visitors to the hive is distributed to cohort, bee community, attendees and collectors.

    The Shilla Beez

    Adama Delphine Fawundu

    Studio 1 – Ground Floor

    Adama Delphine Fawundu is a photographer and visual artist born in Brooklyn from Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea. Fawundu co-founded the collective MFON while co-editing and publishing the book MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora. Fawundu’s works are in the collections at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Princeton University Museum, Norton Museum of Art, The David C. Driskell Art Collection amongst other museums and collections. She is an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Columbia University.

    Art Justice Cohort

    Studio 2 – Ground Floor

    Art Justice Cohort, founded in 2020 and curated by award-winning artist/photographer Ellen Jacob, is a diverse community of 13 artists who believe that creating art for social change is an act of joyful resistance. We express our unique identities because only when human differences are visible can we see what we share.

    August marked our first exhibition. Among the show’s highlights at New York’s Soho Photo Gallery were New Orleans photographer Gus Bennett’s portraits, “Suspicious Black Men”; Isaac Scott’s photos portraying the Philadelphia protests of George Floyd’s murder, which ran in The New Yorker and won the National Magazine Award for Feature Photography; Sharela May Bonfield’s large tapestry “Mourning,” listing the people killed by police in 2016; Amber J. Phillips’ film “Abundance,” a personal story by a self-described “fat, Black, queer woman,” which premiered at the 2021 BlackStar Film Festival where it won the audience award for best short narrative; and images from “Immigrants” by Ellen Jacob, whose work is exhibited in galleries, festivals and museums in the U.S. and worldwide.

    The Cohort illuminates systemic racism and injustice in myriad forms. We are excited to bring the joy of imagining justice to a new platform

    Art Justice Cohort: Amber J. Phillips, Annalyse Varlow, Anonymous, Chris Facey, Dan Alvarado, Diana Bejarano, Ellen Jacob, Francisco Uceda, Gus Bennett, Henry Danner, Isaac Scott, Sharela May Bonfield, Vanessa Charlot

    Pablo Espinoza

    Studio 3 – 2nd Floor

    Chilean 3D artist working with video mapping projection since 2009. Owner of  a mapping projection company in Colombia. Recently introduced to NFTs Pablo’s history with the craft of map projection extends across countries and major brands such as: Colombia, Perú, Brasil, México, US, London, Spain, Netherlands, Japan and Emirates, Coca-cola, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-benz, Samsung, Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint laurent, Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Adidas, Nestle, and much more. He first mints were in Tezos and Ethereum Blockchain and can be found otherwise on KnownOrigin, Foundation, Opensea, Rarible, Kalamint and Hic et Nunc.

    Glitch of Mind

    Glitch of Mind

    Studio 4 – 2nd Floor

    Afrosurrealist artist and photographer from the Dominican Republic, based in the Netherlands. On my work I explore topics of consciousness in dreamy landscapes and surreal fantasy focus on my Afro experiences. I have had the honor to have my work exhibited on few venues and currently working on a exhibit for December 2021



    Studio 5 – 3rd Floor

    First finger drummer on the ethereum blockchain, organized and cohosted the first ever nft music conference, co produced the George Lopez x Sabet x BLKPRL cha cha lucha drop as well as produced the theme song with crypto music pioneer OLY. Co-organized the largest nft showcase in history in Beijing China with StratosphereDAO and Neal digital art gallery. Currently working with on several major NFT projects.

    Ladybug Mecca

    Studio 6 – 3rd Floor

    Ladybug Mecca is a songwriter, producer, voice actor, photographer and digital artist. She examines the history of African experiences of freedom in Brasil and retained culture across the diaspora while challenging notions of white supremacy. She’s one-third of the Grammy Winning hip hop outfit Digable Planets, one of the most critically acclaimed groups in the genre’s history. Their Top 20 single “Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” injected them into the national consciousness, leading them to win Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. But their masterpiece was 1994’s “Blowout Comb,” which opened up a realm of jazz and deep funk that has influenced everyone from Pharell and Kanye West to Flying Lotus and Kumasi Washington.



    Studio 7 – 3rd and 4th Floor

    From Nigeria, he started out as a traditional artist doing paintings and sculptures. He later transitioned to motion design, animation, and digital illustration in order to reach a larger audience.

    He’s done a lot of animation videos for Nigerian producers, artists, and designers one of which has headlined in Nigerian TV shows such as Big Brother Naija.

    His works tell their own story as they’re influenced by his African culture and heritage

    Shogun Shido

    Studio 8 – 4th Floor

    Shogun Shido is a self-taught multi disciplinary artist from New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Oakland, CA. His vision lies within his passion for the reclamation of ancestral identity, healing through creative expression, and storytelling. Utilizing his platform, his ideals are fostered through his mantras “Free my folk” and “We Are Our Ancestors”. Also known for his signature glyph style named “subconscious stream” he further promotes the transmutation of trauma through healing practices as well as mental, physical, and spiritual liberation through his creativity with works that are featured at the AAACC in San Francisco as well as Pro Arts in downtown Oakland.

    Karen Jerzyk

    Studio 8 – 4th Floor

    Karen Jerzyk is a fine art surrealistic photographer living in the greater Boston area, where she has a studio. She builds elaborate sets as well as travels to interesting locations to use as backdrops for her images.


    Studio 10 – Hive Entrance Wall

    Aaron “SpazeCraft” Lazansky-Olivas, Born 1970 raised in NYC. I’m an internationally recognized urban visual artist/designer, DJ/music producer & Media Arts Educator living in the Bronx. I’m also a living kidney donor to my partner & dad to my awesome 8 yr old boy Zeek. Throughout life, sharing my love of art has been at the core of my practice. Sharing “Arts Education work” as my “ART” is consciously my artistic practice. I design experiences & environments, mostly interactive by collaging people, vibes & setting pathways to follow. Gamified experiences where the viewer interacts with making art in the experience IS the art. My “Arts-Education Programs” exist as a social interaction experimental playgrounds. My genesis A/V NFT “Memory ov an Echo” is on Foundation. I made all the graffiti for the DJ Premier x Animus Collection on NiftyGateway, Collaboed w Saul Williams & Brian Jackson in “Pieces of a Dream” Collection & have a mystery token #glitchcreepers collection on OpenSea. Upcoming toppings “Dream Drops!” for the Rare Pizza Project & “Da Holy Rollahz!” Collections. In my media-arts programs, i’ve worked with 36 thousand youth in 20 Plus years. I currently work with the New York Public Library, Collaborate with BlockChain co’s & produce art-technology spaces independently as SohNup EDU / Level Up Media Arts. I currently compose music & visuals for multi-media NFT Crypto Art Projects & I create original content for live Projections for Performance & Installation. Spearheading & Piloting the young creators #NFTMentorship Project.