A 50th Anniversary NFT tribute to Pieces of a Man can be found in the metaverse and death row

Atlanta, GA August 1, 2021
for immediate release

There’s a strange new NFT gallery experience called Pieces of a Dream in the virtual reality metaverse called Cryptovoxels.  From the outside, this gallery appears to be a prison; a prison that suggests you use headphones when entering. But why build a prison in virtual reality? According to curator Hanifah Walidah of MA40AM/New World Curator DAO, her partnership with to curate their Cryptovoxels parcels is an opportunity to bring immersive storytelling to the NFT ecosystem. Pieces of a Dream tells the story of condemned man, Keith LaMar while featuring the first NFT recorded from death row.

POAD is a tribute to the 50th anniversary and spirit of the iconic album Pieces of a Man; which gave us the social justice anthem, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. This NFT collection of 10 pieces began as a 3:20 minute  composition by Brian Jackson developed from the chord progressions from the classic title track Pieces of a Man. Pieces of a Dream is a multi-artist collaboration between Jackson, 10 award-winning poets like Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, Latasha Diggs and Ursula Rucker and 10 emerging NFT artists like Dr. Lemny Perez, Blacksneakers and SpazeCraft One. Jackson who co-hosts a prison advocacy podcast,” Pieces of a Man “ with LaMar introduced his story and plight to the collection. A % of proceeds will go to the Justice For Keith LaMar Organization.

The 10 NFT artworks or pieces that make up Pieces of a Dream, in Cryptovoxels, are used to weave 3 realms of experience together. Your journey begins walking the hallways of a virtual prison, leading you through each of the 26 years LaMar has spent on death row. It ends on the roof of this peculiar structure into a re-imagined future. Walidah hopes that people don’t look at it objectively and instead see their own story and relationship with life’s limitations and limitless possibilities.

N-F-T *** C-O-L-L-E-C-T-O-R *** P-R-I-V-I-L-E-G-E-S


Each Piece will give it’s collector access to a special Zoom Collector’s Call with Keith. Learn his story and get to know the man unjustly imprisoned for 26 years and scheduled to be executed in 2023. NFTs hope to take part in fixing an injustice and changing a future one. 

There is a special priced NFT available that includes all of the 10 Pieces back to back. 
With it you get access to the Collector’s Call and the audio stems of the composition for you to remix and sell on the market if you wish. A ONE-TIME 50% split (collaborators/LaMar advocacy) must be given back to MA40AM upon primary sale of your remix.

*We are using to facilitate Privileges. Write down the Collector’s Call or All 10 Pieces link in the description of the NFT you plan to purchase.

Collect to meet Keith. Collect the work of award-winning poets. Collect the work of music legend of Brian Jackson. Collect the uniquely collaborative work of emerging and mid-tier NFT artists. Collect the moment NFTs help free an innocent man. 
Pieces of a Dream is the second NFT art collection (2 of 40) by NFT curator Hanifah Walidah for MA40AM NFT Curation House and New World Curator DAO.

Pieces of a Dream Collaborators (Poet/ NFT Art)

DROP 1 – Pieces 1-3 – 6/23
Jessica Care Moore / Ghozt
Marc Bamuthi Joseph / Sanzo
Latasha Diggs / BlackSneakers
DROP 2 – Pieces 4-7 – 6/30
Mike Ladd / Jennie West
Hanifah Walidah /Rita Jime’nez
Ursula Rucker / D. Sabela Grimes
Mahogany L. Browne / Lemny Perez
DROP 3 – Pieces 8-10 -7/7
Saul Williams / Spazecraft
Liza Jessie Peterson / the sandwyrm
Keith Lamar / Omar Cherie