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New World Curator Kits is a unique artist residency and event with 9 NFT artists and creative communities housed within a hive-like structure inside of Cryptovoxels VR Metaverse. The 2021 cohort are called the Shilla Beez. Each studio, over 5 weeks, is transformed into the NFT installation experience of the artist resident.  During this time, the hive will be home to a series of live streaming and virtual events  on Twitch, Youtube, Discord and Cryptovoxels.

In line with our mission to explore new ways of storytelling and artist sustainability, we are facilitating both sponsorship and patronage via NFT tokens. Sponsors and Patrons support both our residents, the residency and future cohorts.

Below are super cool sponsor and patron options for you to consider: 


Honeyfresh Token

Honeyfresh Sponsors are given to people or orgs who partner with New World Curator Kits in-kind through staffing, media partnerships, Honeypot artist liaisons and other means of support.  Token holders promote artist sustainability in the NFT arts and producing  stories throughout the metaverse.

These tokens afford  their holders display  as 3D voxel bees around the Honeyfresh exhibit on the roof. Honeyfresh is a daily rotating spotlight of select artists from the original pool of applicants and community.


  • Airdropped via Polygon
  • Your 3D voxel Honeyfresh Bee on the roof during the last two weeks of exhibition and events.
  • Free access to Hive events and POAPS

Honeybunch Tokens

There are 2 types of Honeybunch Sponsor Tokens available for 1 or 2 weeks intervals display in the greeting lobby of the Hive. You or your brand are displayed as a 3D voxel Honeybunch Bee. These Bees will greet everyone who enters.

You can choose either a 1 week or 2 weeks token. Scheduling is prioritized by order of purchase and material submissions. *Sponsor NFT Token is purchased in $Fiat and  transferred to a Polygon Wallet.

1 WEEK: $1,500 (placed in Polygon wallet)

2 WEEKS $2,500
(placed in Polygon wallet)


Token Holders Receive:

  • 3D Honeybunch Bee displayed in Hive lobby and linked to sponsors landing page. Optional to have logo placed on the bees booty.
  • Free access to Hive events and POAPS

Royal sweets TOken

There is only ONE Royal Sweets Sponsor token available. Sponsor is displayed as a larger than life 3D voxel Queen or King Bee positioned on the roof in the Sweet Spot Lounge. Royal Sweets Sponsor is also  given signage in the front lobby window alongside major partners. *Sponsor NFT Token is purchased in $Fiat and  transferred to a Polygon Wallet.

$5,000 (placed in Polygon wallet)

Token holder receives:

  • Main Entrance signage with a focus on events and exhibition traffic
  • A large 3D Royal Sweets Voxel Bee displayed on the roof with signage, logo or name on its bee booty. 
  • Free access to Hive events and POAPS

Royal Sweets Sponsor signage in front window of hive.

Buddy Bee Tokens

Shilla Bee Patron Tokens or BUDDY BEES provide liquidity and support for our residents and residency. Each studio  broadcasts live from a screen in their studio sharing their creative process.

Each artist has 1 unique patron token for auction.

Token holders receive affiliation with the artist, their live broadcasts and the metamorphosis of their metaverse studio.

Patron name or brand is shown on the idle livestream studio screen and your support and presence is seen and felt as a 3D voxel bee uniquely color coded to each studio hovering inside.

Reserved price starts at $500. Once the reserve price is met a 48hr auction begins. 
Review the work of 9 brilliant NFT artists and invest in one or two or a few! *Patrons cannot solicit, influence or direct artist’s work.

Patrons Tokens go on sale at artist request.


Alice La Bourel



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