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NFT Consultation, community curation and DAO

New to NFTs?

Here are resource links to level up your knowledge before entering the NFT space or seeking consultation, advisement or project management. When you have absurbed enough to begin formulating ideas for an NFT or the direction you want to go please contact Hanifah Walidah at for a discovery session.

The ABCs of NFTS
The first stop resource for learning the nft ecosystem.

Black NFT Art
A media & community brand empowering Black people in the NFT space through content, promotion, and events.

Another incredibel source for crypto/art knowledge.
Discord is a social server platform with. a myriad of chat based communities that are extremely helpful and offer resources. This list will be updated accordingly.

Twitter is the #1 social platform for NFTs, though all artists should stll maintain an Instagram account. Below are # to follow and use.


Clubhouse is an audio IOS and Android based social platform that where discussions around NFTs happen in real time. When geting on Clubhouse, look for people and clubs with NFT in their title and click notifications. Jump into these rooms,rais eyou hand o be brought to the stage and let eht world your heaer, how to find your work, ask questions, show your spirit. As you learn each others. The NFT community is big on just that. We have a wealth of information and support those who reciprocate and continually produce work.

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