#mums #beforeoz A giant among giant statues.Missing me some of him. Beats and memory by @bastciel.Dear ones,As we grieve the loss of a profound human being, artist, and BX ambassador -- we also want to make space to lift his name with joy, love, and poetry. Thank you to everyone who offered their time and energy to celebrate and honor our dear poet family  Craig "muMs the Schemer" Grant. This Zoom room/stage will broadcast the tribute to several Bowery Poetry platforms including Periscope/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. The link to share with PUBLIC is: https://bit.ly/2yk48GsThe Eventbrite link is: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/148527019313Our confirmed readers include:Jennie WestDanny Simmons Ursula RuckerSaul Williams Beau Sia T’kalla Kamilah Forbes Mike Schrieber Willie PerdomoMahogany L Browne Sonja Sohn Hanifah Walidah Lauren Whitehead Brad Walrond T. Tara Turk jessica Care moore Lemon AndersenBassey IkpiJ Ivy Kevin Powell Aurora Rose - Abiodun Oyewole Sharrif Simmons SpkrBox Liza Jessie Peterson