New World Curator Products

New World Curator is a community of artist/curators and Web 3 enthusiasts. Our mission is to create products and experiences that support artists and collectors within the blockchain ecosystem.

Curators Ball

A weekly clubhouse show that features new and underserved NFT artists. The Curator’s Ball drops a monthly collection of derivative works inspired by those artists featured in the Ball the prior month.

Shilla Bee Metaverse Residency

In partnership with, Artists and creative communities come together as an unique cohort of art residents. But this residency is in the Cryptovoxels metaverse.

NFT Public (ATL) Coming in 2022

New World Curator is building a curatorial brand of NFT W/BIPOCQ digital art in commerical spaces throughout Atlanta. Our mission is to develop the already vibrant ATL art scene as a NFT art hub a kin to NYC and LA.

New World Curator Newsletter/Blog

We document our work and the work of others on Medium/Mirror and our newsletter.

New World Curator Discord and DAO

Founder of the New World Curator DAO (coming in 2022). An invested  community of artist/curators and collectors rethinking NFT curation, systems of distribution and products.
Discord and Clubhouse Events.

Technology only dares us to change.