The Curators Ball

A absolutely fabulous and non-pretentious way to break into NFTs.

Every Thursday from 12-2pm ET we discover, select and present NFT artists and their work on Clubhouse. At the end of that month we drop a collection of new art  derived and inspired by those showcased in the Ball.

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What is the Curator’s Ball?

Since August 2021, the Curator’s Ball has been a weekly room in Clubhouse where curators from the NWC community present the work of select NFT artists followed by an intimate interview and questions from the audience. 

Starting in December, all artists presented are archived on the New World Curator Medium blog and who’s work become creative fodder for new artists entering the NFT space. We create monthly derivative based collections of work featured in the Ball while giving other artists a means for their brand of art to also be featured.

Ball Collections?

Beginning in December 2021, artists featured in the Curator’s Ball are invited to place one of their works (original or already on market) up to be  reinterpreted by other artists, to produce what is also known as NFT derivatives.

This provides a way for new artists to introduce their style, flair and interpretive  imaginations to the NFT market and add some initial momentum around their own genesis or future drops. At the same time celebrating and giving greater value to the Ball artists that are at the center of multiple derivatives. A simple win/win and fun/fun.

All derivatives are submitted and voted on by the weekend following the 4th Ball or Thursday of the month. To participate, subscribe to our newsletter for new art alerts. Join our discord to vote   visit our Medium blog or subscribe to our newsletter.

Our monthly collections will be minted and sold on the New World Curator sovereign marketplace (mirrored on Opensea), smart contract on Polygon and exhibited in Cryptovoxels. If you already have your own NiftyKit Polygon smart contract you are welcomed to submit o a collection if your work is voted up. 

A FAQ is forthcoming.

Get Featured in the Curator’s Ball

Tere are two ways to get your work on the radar of our curators ….

1. Everynow and then we tweet asking  folks to shill. Follow @Newworldcurator and the #curatorsball on Twitter for notifications. 

2. Join the New World Curator Discord and post work in the #submit your work channel.

🙄Please do not tag, DM or backchannel curators.  Just be an artist and create great work.

How to become a Baller or Curator?

If curating is your thing, we welcome you to join are family of curators. Join the discord, and make yourself known in the #become-a-baller channel in the New World Curator Discord.


Hanifah Walidah

Maya Futrell

Elle Toussi

Sheila Darcey


Ash Cooperman

Jordan Bayne