NFT Collection

The Story of the Funktafied Gift

It’s Atlanta, GA, summertime, late 1990s and George Clinton is sitting on a bed in a smoke filled hotel room.  His body hunched over, his eyes remained transfixed on a hotel notepad. He was experimenting with a kind of funk under the nightstand lamp. Changing between orange, pink and black markers he doodled. Though, colorblind, he used his relationship with music to guide his relationship with art.

A young woman sat beside him patiently waiting to deliver Mr. Clinton his “pizza”.

Chile, the smoke was so thick, I couldn’t see. I could barely breathe. I don’t know how he even saw what he was making on that piece of paper.  I’m over here damn near crying from the funk in the air.   But what could I do… but wait until he finished drawing, says T. 

Finally, he stopped, sat straight up and looked over at T, smiled and asked, “What’s your name baby?” She answered.

He took a black marker and wrote “2 Tiffany” at the top of his newly created art piece” “Here ya go, thank you”.  Tiffany, took the piece of art as a tip for her patience and the growing irritation in her right eye.

When I got home, I had a stye in my damn eye, but I looked at what he gave me and thought, maybe I should frame this?”

22 years later, that memory still lived in the same frame until she had breakfast with friend and MA40AM curator Hanifah Waldiah one morning at Toast, in Buckhead, Atlanta.


MA Curation

After my breakfast with Tiffany, I could’ve easily put the Clinton piece on the NFT market but who would that serve but just myself. That is not what MA House is here to do or be. Instead, since the Clinton hotel notepad art was a gift we are now gifting it to emerging artists to reinterpret.

These reinterpretations plus the original, collectively is the Atomix Dog Collection. We want to leverage the early artistic genius of George Clinton to elevate the profiles of artists both emerging and mid-teir who are new to NFT technology.

The Atomix Collection artists are a range of art mediums; digital collage, animation, 3D animation, and acrylic and textured arts.

The Atomix Artists

Greg Aimé

Mixed-Media Collage

Greg Aimé is a HaitianAmerican multidisciplined artist. He evokes emotions through his stunning portrayal of black beauty through multiple mediums such as digital and paper collages, acrylic, and watercolor. He hails from South Norwalk, CT and is currently based in Bridgeport, CT.Coming from a large family mostly comprised of women, black women are the focal point and recurring theme of his work. His current focus is exploring the complex relationship of the descendants of the diaspora within society, history, spirituality, religion, royalty, and sovereignty. His work aims to bridge the past and the present, as well as Eastern and Western cultures, to showcase similarities amongst a diverse race of people.

Sclera Thump

3D Art and Animation

Creating is the way I separate myself from my fears. My identity aligns with so many marginalized demographics that I often feel cornered and trapped. I illustrate these feelings in my work in hopes that this weight will be lifted. My work is centered in anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy so it’s never enough for me to make something and take a break.


Digital Illustration

As an artist, my over-arching goal is to inspire growth and awareness, discuss the lack of genealogical education within African diasporic communities and it’s effects, confront the endured conflicts due to systemic racism, and further the conversation surrounding mental health within said communities. Conceptually, using various mediums ranging from acrylic to digital illustration to ink on paper, I address values and standards, gender roles and relationships, economics and depression, self-identity and God/traditional African spiritual systems.

What message does this send about the worth of Black bodies? How does that effect the way we think about ourselves? And how do these answer’s manifest within the cross- generational relationships within communities of the African diaspora?My work offers solutions of what could be: a future full of possibility, a reality of collective healing, and a people undivided


3D Animation/Mixed Media

I seek to express my ineffable. I don’t create to solve a problem, I create a problem to solve. The moment the pigment is on the canvas, I am left with an issue that needs to be settled. How do I resolve what I have just done? No matter the creative endeavor, there is an option before me, to go on or to stop. To go on is to risk it all. I don’t know where I will end up, but, I am comforted in the thought that I will arrive there by my intuition, the ineffable feelings inside.

Anthony Molden


Anthony Carlos Molden is a self-taught, mixed media painter/sculptor based in Philly. His work is a mix of sculptural relief with a repurposing of found objects and recycled materials. Anthony’s work has been exhibited at Kenny Schachter Contemporary, La Mama La Gelleria, Painted Bride Art Center, Tiberino Museum & Rush Arts Philly. Anthony is also well known for live-painting on stage with various performing artists…at places like, LEAF Festival…and the Kensington Storefront & Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Rasa Don

Vector Animation

While working at the cartoon Network in Atlanta, was discovered by Jermaine Dupri. He was then introduced to frontman Headliner and Speech of Arrested Development. Rasadon pursued his musical talents in drumming, dancing and art directing, garnishing two Grammys, two MTV awards, Soul Train awards, American Heritage awards, Billboard and countless others.

During his time with Arrested Development, he continued to nurture his love and talent for graphic animation and painting, inspired by his travels around the world. His paintings take a meditative look at these influences, using spaces as a language to describe forgotten places, and light to evoke their story and context within the present, our time. His experiences in meditation and graffiti are combined and evoked into an evolving synthesis.

Owo Anietie

Motion Designer

From Nigeria, he started out as a traditional artist doing paintings and sculptures. He later transitioned to motion design, animation, and digital illustration in order to reach a larger audience.

He’s done a lot of animation videos for Nigerian producers, artists, and designers one of which has headlined in Nigerian TV shows such as Big Brother Naija.

His works tell their own story as they’re influenced by his African culture and heritage