Lead Curator, HAIC,
Hanifah Walidah

Hanifah Walidah, known as New World Curator and previously known as MC, Sha-Key, a native New Yorker, has enjoyed a 30 year career as a globally known artist, collaborating across disciplines and countries. An early tech visionary, she created the first online hip hop magazine, Guillotine in 1994 and since has always had one foot in technology and the other in the arts. She curates progressive exhibitions in the metaverse and NFT marketplaces, like Atomix Dog, a collaboration with a lost George CLinton Artwork that can be viewed on Open Sea and Altspace. Pieces of aDream, a collaboration with Brian Jackson, 10 award winning artists and emerging NFT artists that celebrated the 50th anniversary of iconic album Pieces of a Dream and in support of the release of death row inmate Keith Lamar. In 2022 Walidah and her brand New World Curator looks forward to bringing the NFT experience and education to Atlanta, GA businesses and neighborhoods. A champion of global cultures, she looks to support the market advantage of W/BIPOCQ NFT artists. www.newworldcurator.com

What we do

Consult and Curate

NFT education adnd onboarding of individuals and organizations. Curation advice to empower yourself, your community or help map out the big idea.

Walidah imagines, curates and project manages metaverse galleries and build outs for causes, collectors and brands. 

NFT Public

New World Curator is building a curatorial brand of NFT W/BIPOCQ digital art in commerical spaces throughout Atlanta. Our mission is to develop the already vibrant ATL art scene as a NFT art hub a kin to NYC and LA.

Products and Community

 An invested  community of artist/curators and collectors rethinking NFT curation, systems of distribution and products.
Curator Ball, Discord and Clubhouse Events.

Technology only dares us to change.