New World Curator

The curatorial vision of Hanifah Walidah

Hanifah Walidah entered the world of NFTs in 2021 after spending 30 years in music, theater, education and film, creating and curating worlds out of thin air.

This Fall in partnership with she produces the first ever live 5 week artist residency and exhibition in Cryptovoxels.

Atomix Dog

Walidah’s first curation in March 2021 was an orchestrated remix of an early 1990s George Clinton artwork by emerging  #NFTartists like Owo Anietie of Afrodroids. The Atomix Dog metaverse exhibition was the first thematic experience gallery in Altspace.

Pieces of a Dream

Walidah’s second foray into curating in a metaverse was a collaboration with legendary composer Brian Jackson, 10 award -winning poets and 10 NFT Artists for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic album Pieces of a Man by Jackson and Gil Scott-Heron. Her Cryptovoxels build introduced the depths of NFT Gallery curation by building beyond just hanging art on a virtual wall. POAD advocated for the life of unjustly imprisoned death row inmate Keith Lamar while encouraging visitors to explore their own relationship with time and freedom. 

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